First Day of Training!

We just finished our first day of training! What a day. We arrived at our apartments yesterday, and boy is this luxury living! They are extremely spacious, and there is even a pool, workout room, and a nearby trail. We will be switching apartments every week to get a chance to live with other people and to mimic life on the road. The apartments are about 10 minutes from headquarters, which is where all of our training is held (8am-6pm Monday-Saturday for the next month). Three rental cars are what get us around, which I can tell will be very dangerous with so much shopping close by. Last night, we had our kick-off dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill, and I ordered bison- when in the Midwest! We catered a deli lunch to headquarters today, then went to a fabulous dinner at Matt the Miller’s Tavern after training. They have the best pretzel pillows I have ever had! I have loved getting to know the other consultants so far (there are 6 returners and 3 new hires), as well as our supervisors, and can’t wait to meet even more staff members tomorrow. I feel like I have learned so much already- I can only imagine how I will feel after a month of training. The highlight of the day was getting our assignments for fall! Drumroll please…..

I’m a road warrior!
I will have the opportunity to travel to a new chapter every 5 days (approximately), and this is amazing news for me! I know of two chapters I will have multiple visits with and that I’m on the Extension Recruitment Team for Appalachian State in North Carolina, but will find out more details about where I’m going in the upcoming weeks. Being on the Appalachian State team means I will get to recruit women for a brand new chapter and be able to impact this new colony from the very beginning. I am so excited to be a part of a different facet to Alpha Gamma Delta with extension, which is completely new for me. Traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada will be an incredible experience, and I can’t wait to connect with women from all of these chapters. Some of us are assigned to be road warriors, while others will be stationed at a particular chapter, and will travel more sporadically. I cannot wait for what lies ahead! Hitting the road seems like so far away, but I know the next month will fly by during training.

These past 2 days have been a whirlwind, but I’m so excited for Convention! We leave Tuesday for our hotel in downtown Indianapolis where it is being held, and will return to our apartments in Carmel (nearby suburb) on Sunday. I had a great time two years ago when I attended in St. Louis, and I am so honored to be on staff and work behind the scenes this year. I am most looking forward to meeting other members during such a special time and connecting with the chapters I know I will be visiting in the fall. Convention will be jam-packed, but I will make sure to post again after it’s all over. Can’t wait!


  1. Thanks so much for keeping us posted. It sounds really busy and exciting. I can’t wait to hear more.

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