Training Update!

Training is half way over! Time really has been flying. After the craziness of Convention, it was nice to get back into the routine of training this past week. We had an extremely content-filled week and got a ton of information. We were able to practice facilitating, learn how to coach chapters to become successful, and a lot more details about life on the road. I have loved getting to know the other Leadership Consultants better, and I already know we will become great friends. One day this week, we got to go to another organization’s headquarters for a consultant BBQ, where we were able to meet other consultants from different sororities and fraternities. It was nice to socialize with people outside of our staff, and got me excited for Field Staff, which begins tomorrow. Field Staff is a Greek-wide conference for consultants and will give us the opportunity to network, learn more about the job in breakout sessions, attend various keynote speakers, and even go to an etiquette workshop. I think it will be educational and also fun to get to know other people who we may see throughout the year.

We also got our schedules for the majority of the fall semester, which is super exciting! I am very happy with where I will be going, and can’t wait to learn more about each chapter. I will be going to 12 different states so far, and even to two chapters in Canada! Feel free to ask me if you want specifics. We already started booking our flights, so everything is starting to feel more real! I leave Indianapolis for my first stop in Georgia on August 7th to begin Fall Formal Recruitment season.

I posted a few photos of our apartment complex, where I spent the day at the pool today on our day off! Now time to pack for Field Staff and catch up on some work before tomorrow!

Apartments for training!

Apartments for training!


Fountain at our complex

Main building

Main building

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