Conferences This Week!

This week, we spent most of our time at FEA Field Staff, which is a three-day conference for fraternity and sorority consultants. It was a great way to network with other consultants we will see this year, learn more about life on the road, and attend plenty of different programs aimed to prepare us for this job. We listened to keynote speakers, had engaging conversations with new people, and there was even an etiquette workshop. The etiquette workshop was my favorite part- I learned a lot and the facilitator was British and a total hit.

After Field Staff, we attended Risk Management on the Road, which was a day-long program for most of the sorority consultants put on by our insurance company and Kappa Alpha Theta. We got a lot of great information about harm prevention, our insurance policies, mental health, and sexual assault. Though a lot of the topics were heavy, we learned a ton that will be really helpful for us this year.

Thursday, we attended an all-day recruitment workshop put on by Phired Up! ( with about 50 sorority consultants at Alpha Sigma Alpha headquarters (also in Indianapolis). It was all about recruiting techniques, tips, and learning how to coach chapters during recruitment. With recruitment season coming up in a few weeks, this was all very relevant information and it got me even more excited to start visiting chapters! We were back in the office on Friday and now we have both Saturday and Sunday off! I can’t believe how fast training is flying by- next week is the next full week before we hit the road. 

If you want to learn more about the Leadership Consultant position, check out this link on Alpha Gam’s website:

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