Travel Update!

Recruitment season is definitely in full swing! At the end of my visit at SDSU, I luckily was able to squeeze in an afternoon to spend with my mom and her boyfriend in La Jolla. It was great to have a few hours at the ocean and some amazing gelato! After San Diego, I visited Arizona State University for their Formal Recruitment- almost 1,400 women went through! I actually went to high school with two of their members, and even knew three women going through Formal Recruitment who transferred from Sonoma State! Out of the 80,000 students that go to school there, it seemed like such a coincidence. The campus itself is the largest I have ever seen, and I was beyond impressed. There are so many campus resources, amazing places to eat on campus, and even five Starbucks! Though it was over 100 degrees every day, I still loved seeing the campus, and I was even able to meet up with my aunt, uncle and cousin who happened to be visiting the campus that weekend. I found out two days before I got there that they were coming to look at ASU for my cousin Lauren, and luckily I was able to get lunch with them during Recruitment. We ate at a place next to campus called Chop Shop, and it was absolutely delicious! I loved their seasonal cucumber mint lemonade and all of the healthy options they had. As much as I love food, eating out three times a day is starting to take a toll on me! After the craziness of Recruitment was over, I experienced ASU Bid Day, which is quite a production. Over 2,000 Panhellenic women gathered on the lawn in front of “Old Main” to welcome their huge new member classes in the 110 degree heat. They had a DJ playing loud music, fraternity men handing out water bottles, and lots of chanting and singing. That night, the chapter rented out the K-1 Racetrack and went go kart racing! It was a ton of fun and I loved spending time with the women.

After ASU, I flew to the state of Texas to visit Epsilon Phi Chapter. Texas Woman’s University could not be any more different than Arizona State! It is a small campus in Denton, TX and believe it or not, the campus is comprised of 8% males, contrary to the name of the school. The chapter is much smaller in size here, and they are all great women! It is really fun to see how a smaller chapter functions and how close all of the women have become during their time in Alpha Gamma Delta. I will be helping with their Formal Recruitment this weekend, which I am really excited for! I am at TWU until Monday, then I head back to San Diego State University for their Recruitment. I will post an update sometime next week! Take a look at the pictures below from my visit to ASU 🙂


angelasam             seniorsasuchapterroomchopshoplaurenbiddayphoto 2photo 4photobooth

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