Change of Plans!

After spending the last week in Georgetown, Kentucky, where it reached below zero temperatures, it feels good to be back in the California sunshine! Georgetown College, home to our Theta Upsilon chapter, has just 900 students and is in a small town about 20 minutes outside of Lexington. Georgetown was founded in 1790, so you can imagine how much history there is. While I was there, I was able to get dinner with my aunt Gwen, who drove out from Louisville and saw the old town area, which truly looks like a main street from the 1800s. I spent most of my time at Georgetown helping the chapter prepare for Formal Recruitment and meeting with officers. My visit ended yesterday when I flew back to California to help facilitate a Regional Leadership Training at USC.

Now, for the change of plans! I found out that I will be stationed for most of the semester at the University of Southern California, servicing our Delta Alpha chapter. This is exciting news for me because USC is actually my mom’s alma mater and it will be a completely new experience for me (though it will be nice being close to home!). The chapter was reinstalled on campus in fall 2013, so this is their second academic year here. I will continue to work with our chapter at SDSU and make a few additional visits this semester, but for the most part I will be staying at the Alpha Gam house at USC! I am excited to get started, meet everyone, and help the chapter grow to their full potential. The Chapter Advisor and Province Director are actually from my home chapter, Delta Rho, so it will be great to work with the both of them again! Today, I helped facilitate a Regional Leadership Training, alongside with two other consultants and two of our volunteers. Officers from our USC, UCLA, UNLV, Chapman, and SFSU chapters all came to the USC house for the training. It went really well and I loved seeing members from different chapters meet and interact with each other. I am looking forward to learning more about the culture at USC and working with the women here!

Here are some pictures from my visit to Georgetown College:

ky4               ky2

ky          ky3

Some of the officers at the regional training at USC took a photo of their “Power Posing”:


Facilitator photo and a group shot at the USC house!

facilitators        group

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