Month: April 2015

Travel Update!

The last few weeks have been very busy for me, as usual! After our recolonization in Iowa, I made a quick visit to Delta Alpha (USC) before heading home to Irvine for the Easter weekend. It was great to see my family and change out some of my clothes :). After Easter, I made a visit to Delta Pi Chapter at San Francisco State University, which was a blast! I met with all of their officers, spent an afternoon at the Exploratorium with a few of the members, and even got to witness some pretty funny fraternity serenades at their meeting. One afternoon, I got to explore Golden Gate Park and went to the De Young Museum before meeting three of my closest friends for dinner, which was awesome. My favorite part about that visit was hearing about Delta Pi’s successful philanthropy event, Lip Sync, and having really productive meetings with the officers.

IMG_5602     IMG_5604     IMG_5593

I enjoyed a beautiful day at the Exploratorium with the Chapter President at SFSU :). The middle picture is San Francisco made completely out of toothpicks and Elmer’s glue! The Chapter Advisor has an amazing view from her office on the Embarcadero. It even has a zip line (below)!

IMG_5594  IMG_5588  FullSizeRender(23)

Loved spending an afternoon solo at Golden Gate Park and the De Young museum- so awesome!

After my visit in SF, I was given the unique opportunity to represent Alpha Gamma Delta at AFLV (Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values), which is a Greek-wide regional conference that many collegiate leaders attend, as well as university staff and volunteers. It was a great experience and I loved seeing some familiar faces from my home chapter who were representing Sonoma State, as well as a few other consultants/staff members from other groups. My favorite part about AFLV was attending the NPC dinner, at which I met other Panhellenic representatives and got a chance to get to know other women as passionate about their organizations as I am about mine.

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Alpha Gams from all over the west coast at AFLV West, a picture of me and one of the Alpha Gams at SDSU who serves on Panhellenic, and the view of the San Diego Harbor during the NPC dinner. Such an eventful day!

While I was in San Diego, I made my final visit to our Delta Eta Chapter at SDSU, which was exciting and sad at the same time. After being stationed there for the majority of the fall semester and continuing to work with them this semester, I have gotten really close to a lot of the members and have seen some incredible progress. While I was there, I helped out with their Initiation, and attended several chapter activities and their Executive Council meeting. I am so proud of all that they have accomplished this year and I know I will stay in touch with them in the future :).

I spent the last week at USC and there was a TON going on. The most exciting part was that they hosted their very first “Buff Ball” philanthropy event, which was a push ball tournament between the fraternities and can be better explained through the pictures below. The chapter also had a recruitment training school on Saturday, and I got to see some of the advisors and alumnae, one of which is one of my chapter sisters! Sunday, the Parent’s Club hosted an event at the USC baseball game, which was super fun. After a busy day of last-minute meetings yesterday, I woke up for an early flight to Indianapolis this morning!

pushball2  pushball1 FullSizeRender(19)

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The aftermath (trying to deflate the giant push balls) and a recent alumnae event the chapter hosted at the house!

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My first USC sporting event was a success! I also got a chance to hike to the top of the Hollywood sign with one of the fraternity consultants who was in town- it was an incredible view, though I was not prepared to do a 6.5 mile hike in 90 degree heat!

I am writing this post on my plane ride to Indy, headed to our spring Debrief, which I am really looking forward to. Debrief is a chance for the staff to all be together, reflect on the semester, come up with ideas for the future, meet with our supervisors in person (so rare!) and catch up on projects and reports. I love spending time with the other consultants and am looking forward to seeing everyone on staff at IHQ too! After Debrief this week, I will make my final two visits to University of Kansas and Chico State before heading home to Orange County.

After I’m off the road on May 8th, I will have a super packed month and a half! The day after my contract ends, I’m taking a road trip with my stepsister, Hannah, to Antelope Canyon and Zion National Park in Arizona and Utah to do some hiking and sightseeing, which will be really fun. As soon as I get back from that trip, I’m headed up to Sonoma State for my sister’s college graduation (so proud of her!), which I’m super excited for. The day after I get back from her graduation, I’m on a 6 a.m. flight to Milan and will be spending a month in Europe for the second summer in a row! I can’t wait for that trip and I’m sure I’ll post more details about it in the upcoming weeks :). Thanks for reading!