Quick Trip to Chicago!

Here’s a fun geography fact: Indianapolis is only a few short hours from a ton of major U.S. cities! This weekend, I thought I’d take advantage of one and take a quick trip to Chicago. After working a half day on Saturday, a few other Leadership Consultants, Katelyn, Sara, and Valerie, joined me on a little adventure only three hours away. I hadn’t been to Chicago before and have heard great things, so it was a must :). About a million sights to see and only 30 hours? Challenge accepted. Though I wish we could have stayed longer, we had a blast! A few highlights were: Architectural and history underground pub tour, Portillos hot dogs, Giordano’s deep dish pizza, exploring Michigan Ave., seeing Cloud Gate a.k.a. “The Bean”, Millennium Park, checking out the 94th floor of the Hancock Tower, seeing where Batman was filmed, Dylan’s Candy Bar (my dream come true), and having a view of the Chicago River from our hotel room on Michigan Ave. It was fun to see a new city and I hope to go back soon! Here are a few pictures:

chicago  chicago6  chicago2

chicago4      chicago3


chicago7        chicago8

It’s crazy to think we only have three more weeks of training before we hit the road! Back to another intensive week in the office :). I will post another update soon!

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