Month: September 2015


Just wanted to post an update from the past month! Formal Recruitment season is all kinds of madness but in the best way. After my visits in Alabama, I returned to USC for recruitment training. So much was packed into three weeks that I don’t even know where to begin! You can probably see through the pictures below better than I can explain :).

Between Polish Week (recruitment training), officer meetings and a crazy Formal Recruitment, I managed to squeeze in a few visits with friends and family. Some highlights were going to lunch with my younger brother, Brian, for his 18th birthday right before he left for college at Northern Arizona University and meeting up with my stepsister, Hannah, when she was in the area. My Alpha Gam “little”, Carly, came down during recruitment to get lunch one day and I loved catching up with her! Hopefully I’ll get to see a lot more of her this year since she’s taking a few classes at UCLA :). I also met a friend in Croatia this summer from Australia who happened to be traveling through L.A. and messaged me to see if I was in town. I convinced him and his friends to come to USC to see Greek Row and tour the Alpha Gam house, which was hilarious. Four loud Australian and British guys touring a sorority house led to some confusion, but a great story! Needless to say, they were all perplexed and amazed by the Greek scene at USC and it was pretty funny that we met up again on the other side of the world a few months after we met on an island!

Here are some pictures from my time at USC:

fr1     fr2

Round 1 of Formal Recruitment at Delta Alpha Chapter and some photos of their bedrooms during House Tours!

fr3    fr4

USC-themed room and a cute photo board!

fr5     fr6

Beach theme and Breakfast at Tiffany’s rooms!

fr7     fr8

Fashion Week room!

fr9     fr10

Fashion week display and Beyonce room!

fr11     fr12

More of the Beyonce room and Beyonce cookies 🙂

fr13     fr14

President’s Room!

fr15     fr16

Study room


Setting up for Preference Round!

fr17   fr19

Some of Delta Alpha’s amazing alumnae and parents who we could not have done it without! My favorite is the Alpha Gamma Delta aprons proudly worn by the dads :).

bidday4    bidday7

Some of the members on Bid Day in front of the house and Kelley and me!

bidday2    bidday3

Hundreds of new members run down “The Row” on Bid Day to join their new homes! It was one of the craziest things I have ever seen! Complete with fraternity men streaking, guys dressed as matadors in white and red with Go-Pros filming the new sorority women running down the street, and lots of honking, yelling and music. Insanity!

bidday1   bidday6

On Bid Day, Delta Alpha had a cotton candy machine, a snow cone station, candy bar, lots of food, a photo booth, bounce house, and a bunch more! They all had a blast :). Here are some excited new members!



Up next: Delta Xi Chapter at Arizona State University! I made my third visit to one of my favorite campuses for their Formal Recruitment again and it was a blast! The chapter made HUGE improvements in recruitment this past year and it was incredible to be a part of. Check out some of the photos of their recruiting space :

fr2    fr4

Their gold and white theme looked amazing!

fr5    fr6

Professionally-done photos make a huge difference!

fr7     fr1

Delta Xi’s President and VPR, Ari and Sadye, in front of their 3-D model of the Alpha Gamma Delta crest!

fr8    fr9

fr10     fr11

Delta Xi’s Recruitment Advisor, Sam, and me during Preference Round!


Panorama of their Preference space!

fr13   fr14

Delta Xi seniors and the chapter’s awesome bid cards!

fr15   fr16

Delta Xi Chapter at ASU welcomed 94 new members on Bid Day! Another senior picture on the right :).


They took double decker buses to a roller skating rink on Bid Day- lots of fun!

I flew back to L.A. last Wednesday and have been at UCLA helping our Delta Epsilon Chapter during their two weeks of recruitment training. This is my last recruitment visit of the season! It’s been a crazy two months for sure. I will be splitting my time this semester between UCLA and USC with one visit to the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (woooo Canada!) in October. Though I will miss traveling, there are definitely worse places I could be! I am loving Westwood so far and how close I am to so many great shops and restaurants. I can walk to Target, Trader Joe’s, CVS, Ralph’s, and a ton of cute places in downtown Westwood, which is so convenient. I still have a lot to learn about UCLA (could not be any different than USC for being in the same city!) and I am looking forward to building relationships with the women here this year :).

Luckily, I have friends and family in the area, so I will never be far away from a friendly face! My stepbrother, Hyder, is a senior at UCLA (we plan to meet up soon) and I have been hanging out with my friend from college, Daniella, a lot lately. It’s been a blast! Karmen, another staff member at IHQ, flew into LAX last week and I was able to grab lunch with her to catch up. She lives in Iowa and hadn’t been to California before, so I wish I could have shown her around more! Shoutout to Karmen for being awesome :). I also went to dinner on Friday with Daniella in West Hollywood and actually sat next to Christina Aguilera! What are the odds? Delta Epsilon had the weekend off from recruitment training, so I took it upon myself to go to Disneyland while I could! My cousin, Kayla, is in the Disney College Program and has plenty of guest passes, so I went with Daniella and my other cousin, Mackenzie, down to Disneyland on Saturday. Nothing like a free trip to Disneyland to make your weekend :). Here are some pictures from UCLA so far and Disneyland:

ucla1      ucla2

Somehow, I haven’t taken any pictures of the Alpha Gam house at UCLA yet, but here is a picture of the Alpha Delta Pi house! On the right are the amazing donuts Daniella and I had at a trendy restaurant in WeHo this weekend. They even came with a mini milkshake!

 disney2  disney3

Cars Land and Paradise Pier at California Adventure

 disney5   disney6

disney7       disney8

disney9   disney10

Kayla in her natural habitat at the “Build Your Own Lightsaber” Station in Tomorrowland 😉


Such a fun day! I fulfilled my dream of getting a Dole pineapple whip and also go to see all of the Halloween decorations, which just got put up. I am going to try and go back during my vacation in October so I can watch the shows at night with Kayla (her favorite!).

Phew! That was a lot to catch up on. I will post another update after recruitment is over at UCLA in a few weeks. Thanks for reading!