November Update

I realized that the past month has FLOWN by and I haven’t had a chance to post an update! The month of November has been pretty packed for me- I spent time at USC and UCLA, saw both fake and real snow within a week, went to Disneyland (again), was reunited with the LC Team in Indy, spent Thanksgiving with family and have now ended up in Arizona. Here are some pictures of my recent adventures:

For some reason, I thought it was a completely normal idea to go to Disneyland and the USC Homecoming football game all in one day… I was exhausted, but I had a blast! Sara, a member from our chapter at ASU happened to be at USC for the weekend, and while I was giving her a tour of the Alpha Gam house, I found out she and her brother were going to Disneyland the next day. Ironically, I was supposed to go meet my cousins that day anyways, but didn’t have a ride there and was going to the USC game, so I decided not to go. Sara and her brother happened to be going to Disneyland before heading back for the game that night, so at around midnight the night before, I decided to tag along with them! It ended up working out great because they were both meeting a friend who got them into the park and I met up with my cousins who got me in. I also got to meet up with a few Alpha Gams from SDSU who I spent a lot of time with last year and happened to be at Disneyland too :).

After a fun day enjoying the Christmas decorations at Disney and rushing back to L.A., I met up with Mike, one of my consultant friends, and we headed to the game with our student section tickets. It was a ton of fun and I am glad USC won. However, I do have to share an update on my quest to decide on whether USC or UCLA has the better student section…. and I have to say, my experience at the UCLA/BYU game was far superior. Not a single student sits down because they are all going crazy the whole time! Maybe I just got to the USC game too late and wasn’t around the die-hard fans. I’m sure I’ll give them another chance sometime :). For now, I am still indifferent towards college football (though my mom will tell you I am a USC fan). It’s always fun pretending to be a student at their games though!

After my visit with Delta Alpha Chapter at USC, I headed to UCLA for another week and a half. While I was there, they hosted their Diabetes Awareness Month campaign, which encouraged healthy living and education. This is a picture of their display board they used while tabling and collecting healthy living pledges from students on campus. They also hosted a free Zumba class at the house for anyone to attend, which was a huge success! Members from other Panhellenic sororities came and even said they wanted to come do Zumba at our house in the future. Overall, their effort to showcase our philanthropic focus, diabetes education and awareness, was a great success. While at UCLA, I also met up with a few fraternity consultants, which is always fun. I met up with one consultant from New York who had never been to California, or west of Michigan for that matter! I love getting to know people who come from completely different backgrounds than me, and I am so grateful that this job has allowed me to meet so many different types of people.

On a free day at UCLA, my good friend and former LC, Shannon, came to visit! We went to The Grove for the Christmas tree lighting, which included a huge concert with performances by Seth MacFarlane, Meghan Trainor and Katherine McPhee. It was worth the wait and huge crowds to experience the spirit of Christmas with dancers, an orchestra, fireworks, fake snow, and a ton of awesome decorations. It was a great way to begin the holiday season :).

Each semester, the Leadership Consultant Team meets at IHQ for a quick debrief of the past four months on the road. It was great to be reunited with the LC team and see other staff members, as well as the first SNOWFALL! Just the week before, I was in L.A. enjoying the fake snow, and the day after we got to Indianapolis, a snowstorm hit. As you can see in the picture above, we definitely got a few inches of snow. Running outside the office and enjoying the snow is definitely one of my favorite memories! I had a nonstop smile on my face and couldn’t help but look out the window the whole day- it was awesome.

While we were at Debrief, we attended various meetings with other staff members, had our performance reviews, completed miscellaneous project work (including working as elves in the stock room for the Alpha Gam Boutique!) and attended the staff-wide training. Erin Fischer, a well-known speaker and facilitator, hosted a program on resiliency for our staff of about 50 people, which was very beneficial. We also had a huge pre-Thanksgiving potluck, at which I completely stuffed my face. I also loved getting to catch up with Sam and Alex, two LCs from last year who I have become close with. They put together a mean cheese platter :).

After Indianapolis, I got to go home to Irvine for Thanksgiving weekend and see a ton of my family. As the traditional divorced/blended family goes, we had two Thanksgivings in one day. With my dad’s side, we got to see my grandma Ruth and aunt Peri, who live in L.A., and on my mom’s side, our cousins, aunt, uncle and grandparents came down from Northern California for the weekend. We played tennis, relaxed at the house, ate a ton of food and played Boggle together, which is always intense with our family. Shannon also hosted a fun dinner party at her house in Orange County and I got to meet some of her friends from home. I may even get to spend New Years with their group in Big Bear! After a fun weekend at home, I flew to Arizona for a six-day visit at ASU to help Delta Xi Chapter conduct officer transitions. Though it’s a little chilly here (50s/60s), I am lucky I’m not in the snow like many of the other LCs! I always love coming back to ASU and have worked with this chapter for the past year and a half, so it is great to see all of the progress they have made each time I visit. I am meeting with all of the outgoing and incoming officers this week to make sure each officer is properly trained and ready to go when their terms start in January.


Did you know that the Tuesday after Thanksgiving is Giving Tuesday? After spending an excessive amount of money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is important to me to give back to a cause that resonates with me on Giving Tuesday. The Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation supports women’s leadership, education and philanthropy through awarding scholarships and grants for various programs. Many grants are awarded to individuals and organizations connected to diabetes education, research, summer camps for kids with diabetes, and the care and treatment of diabetes patients. Some of the Foundation’s other programs include: scholastic achievement awards, undergraduate scholarships, continuing education grants, leadership conference scholarships, grants to the Fraternity for educational, charitable and leadership work, disaster relief grants, and much more. When I was in college, I received a scholarship to attend UIFI, a Greek Leadership Conference in Indiana, which was a life-changing experience. If it weren’t for receiving that scholarship, I would not have taken on the leadership roles I did in college and definitely wouldn’t have ended up in this job. The Foundation also funds part of the LC program, so I am eternally grateful! If you want to learn more about the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation or would like to donate to our cause, feel free to check out their website at:

Bonus! Here is a picture of the article I wrote for the Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly Magazine on financial planning. The Quarterly is distributed to all collegiate and alumnae members of Alpha Gamma Delta, so it is a huge honor to be published! I have a more comprehensive version I can send along if you are interested in reading more :).


I have a busy month ahead of me after this visit, but I will try to post another update soon! I will be working from home for two weeks in December before going to Nashville for a few days with my family. I come back for Christmas Eve and am leaving on Christmas Day for a cruise to Mexico with my friend Lauren, and her family, which will be super fun! New Years plans are still up in the air, but I will head back out on the road at the beginning of January. I don’t have my schedule yet, but I am excited for my last semester in this adventure! Thanks for reading :).

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