Vegas-Phx-SLO-LA Update

The other side of Vegas: delicious food, upscale gated communities, less crowds, and a beautiful campus! As many times as I’ve been to Las Vegas, I hadn’t been to UNLV until my recent visit to our Delta Omicron Chapter. After a long travel day from Oahu, I arrived to campus at approximately 2:00 a.m., and after traveling full time for two years, mishaps like this almost no longer faze me. I had a fun and productive week with our chapter at UNLV, discussing new ideas, providing training and education, and meeting with officers and advisors.

Delta Omicron does a fun PR event every spring, called “Bring in the Spring”, when the chapter gives out free baked goods on campus to promote positivity. Throughout the week, they had sisterhood events to bake desserts and make posters together, which was half of the fun! Here are some pictures of the amazing wooden letters they decorated for the event, as well as their booth on campus:


Note to self: don’t attempt to casually walk down the strip on St. Patrick’s Day. You WILL become engulfed in a sea of green and very drunk people. It was entertaining to pass through to say the least, although I stuck out like a sore thumb wearing business attire!

After my visit at UNLV, I flew to Phoenix for the weekend to facilitate a recruitment training event for our Delta Xi Chapter at ASU. This chapter holds a special place in my heart because I have worked with them longer than any other chapter- my full two years! Though I have only visited five times, I keep in touch with many of the members and advisors, so I feel like I know them very well :). Recruitment Training School was a success and I loved getting to visit ASU one last time.

After a short check-in visit at USC, I got to go home for Easter weekend! It was great to see my family and I absolutely LOVED seeing my sister’s new house in Newport Beach. She lives about 20 steps from the sand right on the peninsula and can see the beach from one window and the bay from another window in the house. She loves her roommates and I am so happy for her :). Erica has wanted to move to the beach since as long as I can remember, and she is now living her dream! Throughout the weekend, I squeezed in some beach time with my/Erica’s friend, Katie, went wine tasting in Laguna Beach, took my mom to dinner for her birthday, went to church with my dad, stepmom and grandma, and had a fun Easter dinner with my mom, John, Erica, and her roommates. It’s crazy to think that the next time I’m home I will no longer be a Leadership Consultant! Here are some pictures from my weekend in Irvine:


FullSizeRender (5)

I really lucked out with my schedule this semester and got to go back to San Luis Obispo for a few days! A few consultants and I recruited for our new chapter at Cal Poly for the week, which was fun as always. My favorite event we had was our bonfire with our founding members and potential new members at a hotel in Pismo Beach. We watched an amazing sunset, made s’mores, and drank hot chocolate together. A funny story from the week was when we got our car stuck in the sand at Pismo Beach while attempting to scope out a bonfire spot. I cannot remember the last time I laughed that hard! We actually had to PUSH the giant SUV in 20 mph winds and very cold temperatures, which I will never forget. Being able to drive on the sand is only nice if you know how… lesson learned! Here are some pictures from my week in SLO:


Now for the sad part: I had my last visits at USC and UCLA these past two weeks. I have worked with our Delta Alpha Chapter at USC for the past year and a half and our Delta Epsilon Chapter at UCLA for the past year, spending a TON of time at both campuses. I have gotten to know each of the members on a deeper level and feel like I am somewhat a part of their chapters now. I had a great transition visit at USC with Sam, the consultant who will be supporting both chapters next year, and am wrapping up my last visit at UCLA tomorrow. I have learned so much from both of these chapters and have built strong relationships that I know will last long past my time as an LC. I have laughed with them, cried with them, made it through recruitment with them, and supported them through some of the biggest growth periods these chapters have seen. I’m not sure if any members from DA or DE read my blog, but if you’re reading this, I will miss you!


The USC Cinema School is amazing! I got to see the USC campus one last time when I gave Sam a tour during our visit.

COR event with mocktails and cheesecake at UCLA!


Santa Monica has the best food- I present you Pono Burger’s fig burger with bacon, baked brie, arugula, hazelnuts, and balsamic:

FullSizeRender (12)

While in LA, I actually got to see my Alpha Gam “little” and good friend from college, Carly, and her roommate, which was awesome! They just moved to Hollywood, so I loved checking out the area with them while I was in town.


I’m off to my last visit EVER tomorrow at Washington State, then I will head to Indianapolis on Monday for our spring debrief with the other Leadership Consultants. In 11 short days, I will officially be UNEMPLOYED! Then onto the next adventure…. 🙂


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  1. Brooke you have had the adventure of a lifetime! There’s nothing you can’t tackle now. I can’t wait to read about your adventures in SE Asia. I’m so proud of you! You are dauntless!

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