Must-Have Travel Products

Someone recently asked me if there are any products I don’t travel without, which got me thinking. One of my favorite things about traveling is gearing up for a trip by finding travel hacks and products that will make my trip even better. I thought I’d share a few of them with you here!

Loose mineral sunscreen:



Ready for the longest name ever? Colore Science Sunforgettable Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Water resistant loose mineral sunscreen. Phew! I never travel without this amazing powder sunscreen. Melanoma runs in my family, so I am religious about sunscreen, especially on my face, but liquids can get super greasy and are annoying to reapply. This travel size mineral sunscreen comes in a tube with a brush, is easy to apply, is tinted like makeup (so I use it instead of foundation when traveling), and actually acts like a matte powder if your skin gets oily or sweaty. I can’t say enough good things about it! Luckily, my grandma gave it to me, and unfortunately, it’s pretty pricy, but I use it every day and feel confident that I’m protecting my skin. It’s only about 4 inches long so it fits in any small bag/purse, and comes with me everywhere! You can get it on Amazon here :).


Clarks tennis shoes:



I cannot tell you how long I looked for a good pair of lightweight, neutral, cute, supportive, comfortable tennis shoes that were not running shoes to wear in Europe. I was searching for the unicorn of shoes and I magically found them at Off Broadway! Clarks is a widely-known and reputable brand, so I already trusted the name when I bought them. These shoes lasted me for two month-long trips in Europe, and they are the only tennis shoes I brought with me to Southeast Asia. They are flexible, easy to pack, washable, water-resistant (survived rainy days in London!), and perfect for travel days. One of my favorite parts about these shoes is that they are slip on, but look like they have real laces, making them super easy to take on and off (I’m looking at you, TSA) but not ugly like some other brands out there (not gonna name names… Sketchers). Though these are walking shoes and not meant for intense hiking, they definitely have enough traction to be worn during more adventurous outings. They come in several colors you can find on Amazon here, but I love my taupe/tan shoes with orange laces :).


Laundry detergent strips:


Again, another product my grandma gave me, and I love it already! These Travelon strips are really only good if you plan to wash anything in a sink or bathtub, so they definitely do not replace real laundry detergent, but are awesome for travelers. One tiny case (smaller than a credit card) holds 50 strips, which last forever. Just throw 1-2 strips in and wash away! You can buy them on Amazon here.


Inflatable pillow:



Both times I traveled through Europe, I took a memory foam neck pillow and carried it around everywhere with me. I knew how dirty it got and was pretty grossed out when using it, but I thought it was the only option to get some sleep on a bus/train/plane. Think again! I didn’t even know these existed until my grandma gave one to me, but there are, in fact, small, inflatable, travel pillows out there. Mine is the Azurec Ultralight Travel Pillow and folds into the size of a pair of folded socks when deflated, so it takes up virtually no space in my backpack. Whenever I need a pillow, I can quickly take it out, unroll it, and blow it up with no problem. Plus, it comes with a tiny cover that cinches closed, so I know it stays clean :). Such a life saver!


Vapur rollable water bottle:



I used to carry around a CamelBak water bottle everywhere, before I realized how much space it took up when I didn’t use it as much as I thought I would. This collapsible water bottle is awesome because when not in use, it can be rolled up and secured to take up only a few inches of space, but it also holds 22 oz. of water when expanded. Pretty much every backpacker I see in Thailand has a large (empty) canteen type water bottle attached to the outside of their backpack, along with a plastic water bottle in hand, which must get annoying. I just have my little Vapur in my backpack in case I want to fill up at the airport or empty a bulky water bottle into it. You can even fold it when it’s filled to fit in a smaller bag! I found this one just by searching on Amazon, and you can buy it here for only about USD $6.


Emu Joy on-the-go Relief Stick:



Bless this miracle stick! It has not left my side since I’ve been in Thailand and has been a total lifesaver. Luckily, this anti-itch/relief stick is only USD $8 on Amazon and is well worth your money. The size of a tube of lip stick, the Emu Joy on-the-go Stick is portable and great for bug bites, bee stings, cuts, scrapes, bruises, minor burns, and chapped lips or nose. Basically, this guy replaces several products and is just great to have around, especially if you are constantly getting bitten by bugs :). You can check out their website at or buy one on Amazon here.

**Disclaimer: Though I have included links to buy these products online, I don’t get paid if you click on the link. I just really like these products, so I wanted to share them!


Do you have any more awesome travel products you want to share? Feel free to add in the comments section. I hope that was helpful! Thanks for reading :).



  1. Great product ideas! Color Science made the list – Yay! You are learning so much and sharing your knowledge with others. You are saving people so much time and effort to find all these good travel products.

  2. So glad you are finding the Emu Joy On the Go Stick to be a super handy travel mate Brooke. We just heard about a girl who was traveling in Columbia for her friend’s wedding, and the bride came down with a nasty rash on her neck the night before. Luckily our customer had her trusty On the Go Stick, and with a few applications, the rash cleared up in time for the wedding festivities.

    Happy trails,
    Carole Rains
    Founder, Emu Joy

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