How I Visited Kawasan Waterfalls for $1

What is Kawasan Falls?

Kawasan consists of 3 tiers of incredible waterfalls with pristine, turquoise water in the heart of the Philippines. I found out about it because of a video I saw online one time, so I made sure to go while I was in the Philippines!



Where is it?

On the island of Cebu, about a 20-30 minute bus ride south from Moalboal or a 3 hour bus ride from Cebu City, toward the center of the island. If you visit the Philippines, I highly recommend flying into Cebu City airport and exploring the surrounding areas. Don’t worry, I’ll be posting my itinerary and recommendations for the Philippines soon!

Why visit?

I’ll just leave this here…



How to get there:

  • Take the Ceres line bus from Moalboal for 19 pesos (~$0.40 USD)
  • Pay 40 pesos entry to the waterfalls (~$0.75) and enjoy!

When to go:

I highly recommend going to Kawasan Falls in the morning to avoid the crowds. I went around 10:00 a.m. and was pleasantly surprised with how few people were there. I’ve seen pictures and it seemed like it was quite crowded, which may have to do with the season (this is low season) and time of day. Extra tip: if it’s crowded at the first set of falls, head straight up to the second or third level, where there will definitely be less people :).

Things I did not pay for:

  • Organized canyoneering tour (my friend did one for ~$50 USD)
  • Tricycle/tuk-tuk ride from Moalboal (300-400 pesos)
  • Life jacket rental (50 pesos) *** Must be a strong swimmer to swim under the falls without one…I struggled a bit 🙂
  • Bamboo raft ride (300 pesos)
  • Table to sit at/store belongings (300 pesos)
  • Fees to use the rock waterslide and rope swing (10 pesos each)
  • Food (200-300 pesos)

If I paid for all of these things, I would’ve spent almost $30 USD! Kawasan is quite touristy (obviously people don’t want to miss out on this beautiful site), but if you do it right, it can be very cheap and you can avoid the crowds.

What did I do?

Well…. I swam under a few waterfalls…



Went cliff jumping with the canyoneering groups….



Hiked through the jungle….



Slid down a rock waterslide….



Swung on a rope swing….



Spent a few hours floating in water that could not be any more pristine….



Overall, I had an amazing day and met awesome people! I loved going by myself because I could go wherever I wanted and stay as long as I liked, which is the best part of solo travel, in my opinion :). If you ever get a chance to go to Kawasan Falls or the Philippines, DO IT! I am happy to answer any questions if you do!




Did I miss anything? Do you know of any more waterfalls in the Philippines that I can’t miss? I’ve made it my goal to see how many waterfalls I can visit in my month here. Tough life, right? Thanks for reading!



  1. This is so cool. I’m glad you did what you wanted still. That rock slide looks like it would be so much fun!! Still trying to figure out how you held your go pro while doing the rope swing!!

  2. Pingback: GOOD LUCK
    1. I think I just got lucky I slid in with the canyoneering group and they didn’t say anything 😂 but that was over 2 years ago so not sure if anything has changed since then. You could always go on your own first and see what you end up doing then go back and pay for a canyoneering tour a different day if you feel like you missed anything. Have fun!

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